A new start, sort of.

I’ve been writing again and I am remembering how much it means to me to do this. Not just for the personal satisfaction or professional goals, but as a function of being a human. Because of this, I feel that the things I write are things I want to share with the people who enjoy my pictures. I’ve been struggling to find the right outlet for things like short stories and poems that doesn’t require a submission process or approval from a publisher or even meeting funding goals. I really just want to share this stuff with you as I make it.

The project I’m working on right now is a story about Death and while I hope the words are enough, I’ve begun making art for it. So the question became, “How do I share art and words without making a book?”.

It took me too long to remember I had a blog. Sorry.

I still need to figure out what a reasonable “portion” looks like for this sort of thing. I’m not sure I wanna put the whole thing up all at once, but I sort do want to. I dunno, I’m going to figure it out and you, my lonely and quiet blog, will be the first to know.