10 Things I learned at Illuxcon

  1. Peer pressure is awesome when it makes you want to make more Art

  2. There is only one main dish at Sofrito’s Restaurant; the Coconut Bread. Everything else is an appetizer.

  3. Nate Flamm might be Neo.

  4. Peer pressure is not so awesome when it makes you sleep 4 hours a night, for 5 days.

  5. See everything on the first day. Fanboy/girl out. Then go back every subsequent day and really look at the work, talk to your heroes and peers and collectors and ADs and fellow fans. (The lesson is, this is the place to be a fanboy/girl)

  6. The guys at One Fantastic Week (Pete Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal) are specialized in “blowing heads back” and packing auditoriums. Glad I got there early.

  7. Onsies make everything better.

  8. Chris Burdett in a Onsie makes everything Magical.

  9. When great Artists work for a certain amount of time and reach a certain age, they stop being Artists. They become Wizards…

  10. Making lists of 10 is stupid… you just can’t fit it all.

  11. Stay tuned for the next edition of “I Hate Cons…” for the full review of Illuxcon 9!