10 Things I learned at DragonCon

  1. Good Cons are all about what you put into it

  2. Bad Cons are all about what people want to get out of you

  3. If you balance 1 and 2, you can have a great Con experience.

  4. Be your best salesman by letting people choose your work.

  5. #4 doesn't mean to stand there silently, leering at them with a little drool on your chin. Saying “Hi” is easy.

  6. Be careful of the kind of jokes you make with visitors. Humor is a tricky thing.

  7. If you give people a chance to decide to treat you with respect, they will. Brush that chip off your shoulder.

  8. If they don’t; move on. It isn't worth ruining your day.

  9. If you can stay at a hotel hosting Dragoncon, do it. Even if it is on the floor, next to a drunk guy wearing a zombie leisure suit. 

  10. Eat at the Majestic. Order anything you want, this is easily one of the most low-key “dives” I’ve been to and it’s perfect for post-Con chillaxing.

    Stay tuned for my full Dragoncon write-up!