Point of Origin

I am Eli Minaya (aka Bad King) the Co-Author of Angelarium: Book of Emanations. I am the writer and also the Artist behind the books visual development. I created the visual language and symbol system that supports the content within the Book of Emanations.  

Alongside Peter Mohrbacher, Angelariums Founder and Visionary, I helped create a universe where nothing, and everything, exists.

A little about my journey with Angelarium. 

Three year ago I began work on Angelarium with Peter Mohrbacher. 2 Years ago, the first book was successfully funded on Kickstarter and a book I helped create was making its way into the hands of people who wanted to better understand the world Peter created 14years ago, and they were going to use the book I wrote and designed to do it. I felt like a map maker. I couldn’t have asked for more. In fact I didn’t.  

I was suddenly part of something


I was content to let the book and its narrative disseminate among fans of the project and I quietly went back into my studio to work on new projects. A year ago, Pete convinced me to come to a convention with him to promote the book. Reluctantly I agreed but I’m glad I did. Meeting the people who supported our book and people just discovering it for the first time and seeing that connection happen, right in front of me was one of the best feelings I ever had in my life.  

I was suddenly part of something, in a way I had never expected. This became the impetus to become more vocal about the work that went into making this award winning book.

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