One of the things I love about Kickstarter is the ability to revise as you go. Quickly I found I needed a softer entry to Angelarium than the print collection and the deluxe package at 90$ and 110$, respectively. 

The tricky part was finding something that was unique and still served as a solid place to start for anyone new to the book. The embellished books are something I've done for conventions and people seem to genuinely appreciate them. Problem solved.

The embellished book hasn't been available online since I made the first series of them with 1st edition book, early last year. They continue to be popular at cons and its something I've been content to leave in that arena. Using them as a Kickstarter reward seems right as this is a time limited event, and they'll never be seen online again. 

The new tier allows backers to pitch in 35$ (a 15$ savings) and they will receive a one-of-a-kind copy of Angelarium: Book of Emanations.

I've scraped together a video clip of me getting a head start on them. I hope you enjoy.