Moon Blind

So, this will be the last Quiet Dog for a little while. I'll most likely post one every so often as I will still be making them. But as I organize the new work into a book format and reformat the old strips to match, I may not have the time to finish strips in one sitting the way I have been.

This one is a big deal for me personally as I searched for the right words and the right images and I was actively struggling with the content (it is still pretty fresh). It's titled Moon Blind for two reasons; in honor of an old friend, and I had an infection in my eye while making this. Take care. I hope you'll keep visiting The Illustrated Me to view new paintings and drawings. 

p.s. Anyone who has been following Quiet Dog for a while may recognize the first panels on both pages. If not, go look for them. 

Moon Blind-1.jpg