Moon Blind

So, this will be the last Quiet Dog for a little while. I'll most likely post one every so often as I will still be making them. But as I organize the new work into a book format and reformat the old strips to match, I may not have the time to finish strips in one sitting the way I have been.

This one is a big deal for me personally as I searched for the right words and the right images and I was actively struggling with the content (it is still pretty fresh). It's titled Moon Blind for two reasons; in honor of an old friend, and I had an infection in my eye while making this. Take care. I hope you'll keep visiting The Illustrated Me to view new paintings and drawings. 

p.s. Anyone who has been following Quiet Dog for a while may recognize the first panels on both pages. If not, go look for them. 

Moon Blind-1.jpg


I post this one without knowing whether or not you can see it, or if I want you to. I wish I could know. 



This one goes out to one of many incredible friends I have. She got torn down by someone she trusted and had the strength and presence of mind to do something about it. Then she had the compassion to share some of that strength with me to help me deal with my own mess. Thanks K.


Hair of the Dog

Here's a completed panel from the new batch of strips I'm working on. It's a 2-parter that kicks off the new run. Thanks for coming by!


Hair of the Dog

These are some of the most recent Quiet Dog strips I put together for an ill-conceived effort to make it a little more marketable... Wow was I a dumbass. These strips still managed to retain what Quiet Dog is and means to me. The rest went into a deep and dark well filled with the rest of my bad ideas. I've restarted my efforts to find my voice again and I am excited to find that my voice barks...quietly.

Shadows - pt. 3

Sorry it's been so long, it has taken me quite a while to swing back this project. I've re-integrated this story back into a story that spun off of it, so you should see a bit more content coming up. I've worked out some hard narrative around QD and I might have finally found a suitable point to end it on. But I guess we'll figure that out together as I'm taking a very loose and organic approach to the rest of these strips. Thanks for coming by. -E

Shadows pt 2

Things are starting to come around for this strip so I will be making my best effort to update as often as possible. Quiet Dog will be taking a new direction after this series, so there will likely be a long pause after pt 3 of Shadows. But I hope to be back with a large post of new content. Thanks for coming by!


Shadows - pt 1

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been oil painting alot as of late and I can't stand scanning/photographing paintings. So they'll not likely make it onto the blog unless they make the cut for my portfolio. Here is a long over due Quiet Dog strip. I've been tinkering with this one for a little while. 3 parts, so stay tuned for the rest.


So I haven't been exactly "daily" on these strips, sorry! I can't promise I will go back to that anytime soon as I have other projects I'm working on simultaneously. I will however continue to update this strip as often as I can. Quiet Dog will never fully be on the back burner. Thanks for coming by!



So I took a few days off to reassess some things about how I am handling this strip. It's looking like for the most part each strip will consist of 2 "strips"from here on out. I've been noticing that the hopeful parts of Journey's personality were starting to fade and these strips were going waaaaaay downhill in attitude. I've got a few follow-ups for older strips on deck as well as a bunch of new ones. I should be back on the daily schedule, tentatively. Stay tuned and thanks for coming by!