Moon Blind

So, this will be the last Quiet Dog for a little while. I'll most likely post one every so often as I will still be making them. But as I organize the new work into a book format and reformat the old strips to match, I may not have the time to finish strips in one sitting the way I have been.

This one is a big deal for me personally as I searched for the right words and the right images and I was actively struggling with the content (it is still pretty fresh). It's titled Moon Blind for two reasons; in honor of an old friend, and I had an infection in my eye while making this. Take care. I hope you'll keep visiting The Illustrated Me to view new paintings and drawings. 

p.s. Anyone who has been following Quiet Dog for a while may recognize the first panels on both pages. If not, go look for them. 

Moon Blind-1.jpg

Hair of the Dog

These are some of the most recent Quiet Dog strips I put together for an ill-conceived effort to make it a little more marketable... Wow was I a dumbass. These strips still managed to retain what Quiet Dog is and means to me. The rest went into a deep and dark well filled with the rest of my bad ideas. I've restarted my efforts to find my voice again and I am excited to find that my voice barks...quietly.

Shadows - pt. 3

Sorry it's been so long, it has taken me quite a while to swing back this project. I've re-integrated this story back into a story that spun off of it, so you should see a bit more content coming up. I've worked out some hard narrative around QD and I might have finally found a suitable point to end it on. But I guess we'll figure that out together as I'm taking a very loose and organic approach to the rest of these strips. Thanks for coming by. -E

Shadows - pt 1

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been oil painting alot as of late and I can't stand scanning/photographing paintings. So they'll not likely make it onto the blog unless they make the cut for my portfolio. Here is a long over due Quiet Dog strip. I've been tinkering with this one for a little while. 3 parts, so stay tuned for the rest.


So I haven't been exactly "daily" on these strips, sorry! I can't promise I will go back to that anytime soon as I have other projects I'm working on simultaneously. I will however continue to update this strip as often as I can. Quiet Dog will never fully be on the back burner. Thanks for coming by!



So I took a few days off to reassess some things about how I am handling this strip. It's looking like for the most part each strip will consist of 2 "strips"from here on out. I've been noticing that the hopeful parts of Journey's personality were starting to fade and these strips were going waaaaaay downhill in attitude. I've got a few follow-ups for older strips on deck as well as a bunch of new ones. I should be back on the daily schedule, tentatively. Stay tuned and thanks for coming by!


On Deaf Ears


soooooo, heres another Quiet Dog piece. I promise I will have some non-QD pieces posted soon. Soon as a I get access to a large scanner. Pencils for my next Icarus piece is done, as are the inks on the cover image. If you follow me on twitter (@eliminaya) you'll likely see some iphone pictures of them. Take care all and thanks for coming by!